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New arrival at Sea Independent, Classic Schooner ``Nicole Maria``

10 April 2013 ,

Nicole Maria was built in 1930 in Norway, after a design made by Johan Anker.

After it was built, the ship left to the Mediterranean Sea. The ship was named ALBATROS. The owner at the time was so impressed by the sailing performances of the ship that he initially even wanted to get rid of the engine. Nicole Maria has made several crossings to the Caribbean. One of the former owners was an American lawyer. In the 1990s, she got bought by Italians, and named Eva Maria. The current owner bought the ship in 2003. In 2004, a massive refit was performed. The entire electric installation was renewed and several adjustments were made to give the ship the original classy appearance once again. During the Olympic Games in Athens, 2004, Nicole Maria (by that time called Lion's Pride Too) was, again, used in full glory to provide daytrips for guests and sponsors of the NOC. Every year during annual maintenance, structural improvements are performed. In 2006 a new engine was built in. At the moment the ship is used privately by the owner and his family.

A Johan Anker designed Classic Schooner of 1930 for EUR 395.000 VAT paid.

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