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New Arrival at Sea Independent, Motor Yacht Couach 3300Fly

10 January 2013 ,

High technology, researched design, great space given to personalisation: the new direction of the celebrated French yard has reinforced a more than century-old tradition, finding its most outstanding standard-bearer in the 3300 Fly.

With the experience handed down through four generations of shipbuilders since 1897, culminating in the new company set-up, the French yard Couach is seen today as one of the most advanced worldwide at a technological level. Experimentation with new materials, development of new procedures, research in the fields of hydrodynamics and design are the keystones of its technical department which, especially after the expansion of the early 2000's, handles a considerable interchange of experiences between the military and pleasure craft sectors. The latter - expressed in the Flying Bridge, Yacht and Open lines - covers a range that is in constant growth, urged on as it is by an equally effervescent demand. What customers are after substantially is a well balanced mix of high technology and customisation: two elements which may clash but which the Gujan- Mestras yard has miraculously showed itself capable of coupling, above all with the latest creations.

Her asking price is EUR. 4.950.000 ex.VAT and she is commissioned in 2007.

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