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29 November 2012 ,

Collaboration between Olivier van Meer Design and Sea Independent.

Olivier van Meer and Marcel Borgmann go under the name Sea Independent Custom, an exclusive partnership whereby van Meer designs the complete customized production drawings, the construction specifications and instructions, and the technical supervision, as well as taking on the supervision of the delivery, and Borgmann takes care of the finance and business development, including the marketing, sales, contracting, and any legal supervision.

With the vast expertise and experience of this collaboration it ensures the maximum creative and quality results, whilst the future owner is free of all the details regarding overseeing construction projects. The models will be offered via the worldwide network of Sea Independent.

The solid experience of Marcel Borgmann in Dutch yacht industry ensures a perfectionist management organization. Designer Olivier van Meer distinguishes himself with “less is more ", overall know-how and his special personal approach. All this is combined with the world-renowned high Dutch yacht building quality.

The concepts distinguish themselves in durability, ease of maintenance, safety, maximum comfort and personalized bespoke solutions. For each project and client the most appropriate site and the best suppliers are carefully selected.

In short, the client is “unconcerned” from his first ideas and wishes until after the trial cruise. He can devote time to the fun and inspirational aspects of the design and construction process. The first designs will consist of a 24 meter motor yacht and an 80' sailing yacht. Starting next year, new models will follow; one motor sailor and a sail-and-motor yacht.

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